• 1920's Jazz with Dr. Jazz & the Jazzbugs
  • Bluegrass music with Them Other Freerange Pluckers
  • Good Bait -- Piano Jazz
All ensembles are acoustic.

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Recent and upcoming events

The Jazzbugs, for reasons beyond their control, will not play Nietzsches on Sunday, February 8 -- but not to despair! Our good friend Ben Levitt and his band the Jazz Cache will fill in. The 'Bugs will be bak gfor the rest of the month.

Ed (Bass), along with Jimmy Beishline (piano), recently subbed for Krista Seddon at the Trinity at 7 evening at Trinity Episcopal Church on Delaware Avenue in Buffalo. Jimmy's enthusiasm and creative arrangements bring a special quality to the evening's music. Trinity at 7 is an ongoing weekly event featuring music and meditations. Click here for some sound samples of Ed's piano-based performances. Ed has always enjoyed performing at the Trinity at 7 services -- it's been at least a decade now that he's had the opportunity to play with a variety of super musicians at Trinity. Ed also encourages people to visit Trinity at 7 on Sunday nights to hear Krista Seddon.

Ed is grateful to Mark Monaco of Monaco's Violin Shop for help with his bass fiddles. Too many times too mention, Mark has come through. For your bass, violin, viola, cello, etc., needs, check out Monaco's.

Ed would also like to mention the Red-Eye preamplifier he is now using. It has great tone and reliability and is a pleasure to play with. Check it out at the Fire-Eye website.