• 1920's Jazz with Dr. Jazz & the Jazzbugs
  • Bluegrass music with Them Other Pluckers
  • Good Bait -- Piano Jazz
All ensembles are acoustic.

Here you will find information, sound samples and photos to reward your curiosity. Thanks for visiting my site.          ...Stay a while.

Recent and upcoming events

Jazzbugs will be appearing at Nietzsches Oct. 13th, 18th and 25th. Cool Beans.

On the Jazzbugs off nights (the first Sunday of each month) at Nietzsches, AND October 11th you can catch our good friends Ben Levitt, Dave Phillips and the Jazz Cachet, filling the house with a wang dang doodle lubricious sound.

Jazzbugs will be looking forward to playing the anniversary party at the 33 Speakeasy Grill, 3455 Genesee Street, West of Union Road in Cheektowaga on Wednesday, October 7th, 7pm to 9pm.

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